Start first by calling the parish office. All parishioners wanting their child baptized must first be a registered parishioner. We offer sessions with parents to learn more about this important Sacrament. If you have questions, please contact Fr. Arthur Mattox. The Parish Office can then schedule a date and time with you. Some important notes:

  1. Your child’s baptismal name should be preferably a saint’s name. If the child’s first name is not a saint name, be sure that the middle name is a saint name.
  2. There are many secular names that are not acceptable for baptism — those that are foreign to Christian sentiment such as seasons of the year, days of the week, and obviously those that conflict with the Christian faith.
  3. The child’s Godparents must consist of at least one baptized and confirmed Catholic; the other may be a baptized Christian.
  4. The child’s Godparents must be one man and one woman.