For more information on how to register your high school child for Confirmation, contact either parish office, or click on the “Register” button under Faith Formation.

“Confirmation is one of three sacraments of Christian initiation in the Church. Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist lay the foundations of every Christian life. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says, “By the sacrament of Confirmation, [the baptized] are more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit. Hence they are, as true witnesses of Christ, more strictly obligated to spread and defend the faith by word and deed.” (CCC 1285)

The Sacrament of Confirmation is not so much an end to Catholic formation, but rather the beginning of life-long discipleship – where young people begin to understand what it means to grow in their faith and in relationship with our Lord, and discover and share the gifts they’ve been given for the benefit of the entire body of Christ.

“Preparation for Confirmation should aim at leading the Christian toward a more intimate union with Christ and more lively familiarity with the Holy Spirit – his actions, his gifts, and his biddings – in order to be more capable of assuming the apostolic responsibilities to Christian life. To this end, catechesis for Confirmation should strive to awaken a sense of belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ, the universal Church as well as the parish community.”