Got an Idea for Fun? Can you think of an event that would be fun and exciting for the faith community to pull together and volunteer their time and talent and possibly raise a few funds for the parish? Please call either parish office  and propose your idea!

Fall Festival and Turkey Dinner: This event is the largest and oldest fundraiser for our parish. The festival is held the third Sunday in October. The parish community pulls together to prepare the meal, set up booths, and volunteer time for the benefit of the parish. This fall, we served over 1500 dinners! What an accomplishment! An added benefit for those helping is that all parish members are together and you get to meet those that you don’t get a chance to connect with in the short time during Mass. Fellowship is shared and enjoyed while raising funds for the parish.

Cookie Walk: This event is held in December just in time for your holiday enjoyment. Our famous bakers are asked to bring in their favorite Christmas Cookie or bar and these fresh baked goodies are sold by the pound. Take home a delicious selection of treats.

This year, our Cookie Walk is Saturday December 10, 2022 from 10 am to noon, or until sold out.  Cost is $10.95 per pound.  Arrive early for the best selection..!

Great Night Out: This is a fundraiser held in February. Members of the parish, community and friends gather to play cards, board games, or a table game of choice. Those present are offered chances to win great array of donated raffle items. Refreshments and a light meal are provided.

Fish Boils: During Lent three Fish Boil dinners are offered. Be sure to stop in and enjoy the fish cooked “Door County” style. All the extra’s too. Help is always appreciated and joining in is fun!