As two faith communities we collaborate throughout the year for special events and holy days.

Prayer & Worship Committee: The Prayer & Worship Committee plans liturgies for the seasons of the church year and provides parishioners with guides that benefit their spiritual life. This committee meets regularly, alternating meeting sites between the two parishes. Please consider joining and participating in the behind the scenes action that makes our Masses special.

Art and Environment: This subcommittee assists in creating spiritually enriching environments for the worship space. They are the people “behind the scenes” that make all the changes for major seasons. When you walk into church and something has changed or is different from the last time you were there; the flowers are different, the altar cloth is new; those changes were made by the volunteers on this committee.

Care of Altar Linens: The washing and ironing of linens used at our liturgies. A schedule is worked up so you can take turns helping in this area.

Holy Dusters: These volunteers workers are called upon twice a year in keeping the church clean and tidy. Faith Formation and Confirmation students work with us on the twice yearly cleaning to clock service hours. The task is easily accomplished with enough help.

Choir: We are blessed to have dedicated, talented people share their gift of music to help us participate more fully in the Mass. Anyone with a musical gift to share and time to spare is welcome. Practices are typically on Wednesdays.

Musician: Any parishioner who wishes to share his/ her talent of playing a musical instrument at Mass. Please specify your expertise.

Usher: The role of an usher is to assist the congregation with seating prior to Mass, assist with the collection of offerings, provide direction during Communion distribution, and hand out the weekly church bulletin. Ushers are scheduled on a rotating basis.

Greeter: Two people on a rotating basis who welcome people as they enter the narthex before the liturgy. Lector: Men and women who proclaim the Word of God for our Mass. Workbooks are provided to assist volunteers in their preparation of proclaiming the Good News to our faith community. Lectors are scheduled weekly on a rotating basis. Training is provided.

Eucharistic Minister: Men and women who are commissioned to distribute the Precious Body and Blood of Christ at Mass. Individuals are scheduled on a rotating basis and training is provided. Altar Assistant: Boys and girls in the fourth grade or older to assist the priest at Mass. Two servers are scheduled for a Mass on a rotating basis. Adults are welcome and training is provided.